Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Climbing Monkeys at Boulderz

Last Sunday we opted for physical exercise over sleeping in (what were we thinking?!) and checked out Boulderz- an indoor climbing gym in the Davenport neighbourhood.  We have a couple of climbing enthused family members who told us about the place and we were pleasantly surprised to learn how close it was to home.

Boulderz is primarily a bouldering gym, but there are opportunities to harness in and climb up, up, up.  We decided to try bouldering, since it looked fun and relatively easy.

Pfft.  Right.

The fun part we got right.  It only seemed easy because of the other pro climbers in the gym who scaled the walls like monkeys.  Regardless, the fun definitely outweighed the challenge.  Matt had a natural knack for it, and managed to reach the goal several times over.

I, on the other hand, couldn't quite get passed the fear of falling, and never made it high enough.  BUT - Boulderz is also equipped with a small workout area on the second floor, and it was there where I discovered my true talent...

I kept at it for almost 10 minutes until I realized we were at a climbing gym and that I should probably get back to that.

Looking forward to going again!

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