Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 Months of Fixin' thanks to Friends of Dufferin Grove Park

Ok, so it's been a while since our last post, we know.  But for good reason, we swear (although judging by the zero comments on all previous posts, we're not sure it really matters).  However, for the love of our end of the city, we wanted to keep the post alive for a little while longer.

So about this delay.  Well, who woulda guessed that a 98-year old home would need some work?!  For the last three months, we've been busy updating the electrical, installing new eavestroughs, doing cement work...just to name a few tasks on our ever-growing house to-do list.  How exciting our lives have become :)

When we first set out to get it all done, it dawned on us that as former apartment renters, we didn't have a clue who to reach out to to get the work done.  And while we fancy ourselves as smart urban professionals, there was no way we were going to trust ourselves to undertake the big jobs.  It felt a little hopeless at first.

So when a West End Friend sent me a link to Friends of Dufferin Grove Park, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel (even if the light was wired with knob and tube).  On this site, residents of Dufferin Grove, which is just one neighbourhood Southeast of us, can post recommendations for house maintenace professionals.  Thanks to this site, we found our electrician (Ken = amazing) and our carpenter (Vlad = also amazing), two very honest and hard working professionals who got the work done at a very reasonable price.

Now our dear old home is safe and up to code.  And we'll be paying it off for the next year.

Yay home ownership!

Check out the site if you're looking for anything from electricians, carpenters, landscaping, and plumbers!


  1. Nice to see another West Ender (we're in Parkdale North or Brockton village depending on who you ask!)

    Thanks for the tip on contractors.

  2. Hey, glad to hear that your place is shaping up and that your community association came through for you. You can always ask your real estate agent for help too...I have all sorts of connections when it comes to the trades. (it's the Italian in me that helps!!!) ...I'm still pissed about the knob and tube...ugh.




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