Monday, February 4, 2013

Map It & Mount It

"It" being a very cool custom print that we just ordered off of Etsy, that is.

We wanted to add some new art in our main living room that was personal and Canadiana. In our search we found a lot of Toronto inspired prints...

...all which we loved, but it was the simplicity of artyMAPS and the fact that it could be customized that grabbed our attention.

We ordered the same colour as the Leaside sample above, but customized it for Corso Italia. We're picking it up today and can't wait to put it up! ***THE NEXT DAY*** Picked up our custom print yesterday and put it up right away! I had an extra frame that I got from work which happen to fit the print perfectly!

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  1. Hello! Love your ideas especially the popcorn tin to moose stand conversion. Was wondering if you could recommend any must go to places in Toronto for an upcycle / refashion me. Thanks!


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