Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crazy Cat Lady Game Night

Yep, you read that right. I love cats, although technically I'm not a "Crazy Cat Lady" because I only own two...and I'm married. But thanks to Yorkville's Rolo and the discovery of this on my last visit, I hosted a game night dedicated to all the feline-loving-women of the world:

I mean, COME ON! How could I NOT have a themed night?!

So I invited a few lady friends who either share my love of cats or tolerate it a few Fridays ago, to try out the game with me. The best part was that it wasn't madatory to come dressed, yet everyone came in their best Crazy Cat Lady attires (cat glasses, leopard print, etc). The event was completed with:

The front entrance decked out in Cat Butt magnets and a hanging Crazy Cat Lady action figure (both of which were birthday gifts...from two separate people).

Individual wine glasses with homemade cat labels (Matt said I hit an all time low when I was making these).

And the second best find after the boardgame. An actual cat themed instant camera from Urban Outfitters!

A cat shows up in every picture! It was fun taking pictures throughout the night and not knowing how it would turn out (remember those days?). I had the pictures developed later in the week and then mailed them out to all the ladies along with their cat labels, which I used as a thank you card.

Because I'm classy (read: cheesy) like that.


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