Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Caledonia Towns on the Park

We've been interested in the progress of this development since we moved into the area. To be honest, we were somewhat skeptical of the location (great to be by the park, but it seems a bit close to this already busy street) and as it started to build up, we weren't digging the exterior choices.

BUT - after visiting the site of Minto, the developer behind this project, it was cool to see how diligent they've been with keeping people updated. You don't see that from a lot of other developers and often you have to scour the internet or casually walk by the development regularly to try to get some information (both of which we have done in the past when we were house hunting).

We especially liked Minto's blog, which featured some photos of the interior in it's current stage. Looks like they're doing their best to not hide anything from buyers. Or at least appear not to :)

So, although we're not quite yet sold on the end product (we're gonna blame it on the weather right now, just in case we're eating our words later), we're giving the company some credit for the way they've handled their marketing.

We'd love to hear from anyone who knows more about this new area and if you've purchased, welcome to the neighbourhood!


  1. Hey Guys!
    I am familiar with Minto and I know that depending on the development (ie demographic and location) they are trying to market appropriately. It's neat to see some of the more established developers begin to get on with social media...talk about teaching old dogs new tricks! I'm looking forward to seeing the end product too...Do they have a twitter feed or FB page for the development?


  2. Hello there,

    My wife and I have been researching various projects within city limits for years now. We must say this new Caledonia project must be one of the best quality/price ratio yet to be found.

    Also the whole neighbourhood seems to be up and coming...the whole corner at 1500 st-clair west including the garages are up for sale and the city of Toronto has been involved to make sure whatever gets built over there is parallel to the neighbourhood’s economic development (corso italia and davenport). Also a couple of corner lots are for sale between Keele and Caledonia for redevelopments.

    Another point we found very interesting is that it is very rare to find townhouses facing a park....basically having unobstructed views front and back! We cannot stand being able to see what your neighbour is having for supper...if you know what I mean!!

    Here are some more qualities we noticed:
    •The commute to downtown is great mainly because of the new streetcar lane (within 30min door to door right in the core)
    •There aren’t many floorplans and units that are similar which kind of makes your townhouse unique when it comes time to resale
    •Earlscourt park isn’t what it used to be, there are lots of new family groups that have been created lately and started promoting kids friendly activity

    In the end, we find this neighbourhood is one of the few left in the city where it is still affordable to buy without sacrificing your commute to downtown. We will have to see how long before gentrification happens there too...

    Hope this helps!


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