Friday, January 20, 2012

Must. Have. Waldok.

Our house, like most Toronto homes, is old. Like, almost a century old (Our baby turns 100 in 2013!). So, super old.

And with super old comes super small rooms.

Take our bathroom for example...

We didn't do too much to change it. Great updates were made before we moved in and the space was used well. But "space" is also what it's lacking. And unless we want to tear down a wall and make the bedroom next door from small to unlivable, we're stuck with our lovely alley washroom as is.

Who likes to listen to some good tunes when they're getting ready?

WE DO! Especially in the morning, when getting up is like lifting 400 pounds of dead weight (yourself) from the bed, it'd be great to have some added pep to get you going. Unfortunately, the space we have in the washroom doesn't really allow us to plug in a radio or ipod dock station without getting fancy (wireless) or dangerously close to electrocution (wire).

Hmmm...I wish someone would come up with an ipod dock that plugs right into the wall with a speaker attached.

And thus, the Waldok was born.

How brilliant is this?! And it looks great on top of it's sheer brilliance. The website states that they're still patent pending, but we will most definitely be first in line for one when it goes on sale.

Now we can mmmbop* our way through the morning.

*Not a Hanson reference.

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