Monday, January 30, 2012

Snowstorm on Saturday

Who saw THAT coming?!

Earlier in the day we had an old friend over who we hadn't seen in over a year - crazy how that can happen, but better late than never. At around 5:30 our friend left and literally minutes later we looked out the window and couldn't see passed our street because of the huge snowstorm that came outta nowhere! Great timing on our part, sending our friend out in that weather (she made it back home ok, thankfully).

The not-so-great part to it was that we had dinner plans for that night, and there was nothing but choas on the roads. Here's a short video we took on the bus heading down Lansdowne. Our commentator (the bus driver) was pretty funny.

It should be noted that most cars on the road were having a really rough time, and who knows what we would do in that situation. But looks like everyone made out ok as long as they took their time. Lesson learned - gunning your engine on an icy road is NOT going to get you anywhere. Except maybe for the mechanics after you've popped your tires.

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  1. This make me glad I decided not to venture out on Sat!


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